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Skybrook Campground is one of upstate New York's best kept secrets. Come Check us out. We offer special holiday, weekly and monthly rates. The Seasonal rate is the best, starting at just $1,500.00 (and up.) We know you will return, once you try us out.

Regular Camping Rates | Seasonal Camping Rates | Additional and Convenience Fees

2018 Regular Camping Rates

 Site Type

Nightly Rate

Weekly Rate

Monthly Rate

No Hook up




Water and Electric




Water, electric and sewer




Site cancellation fee $5.00, if not cancelled with at least 3 days notice.
No Holiday refund if not cancelled within 14 days of arrival.

Rates include family of 2 adults & 2 children (over 4 & under 18 yrs. unmarried)
See fee chart for add on rates or call Skybrook


Seasonal Rates

Seasonal rates include electric, but not the following. See fee chart for details.

Air Conditioning
Electric Water Heaters
Live-in Fees for stays over 15 days in a month


Early Bird


Pro-rated Seasonal Rates

Paid By
Jan 1, 2018
May 1, 2018
June 1, 2018
July 1, 2018
Aug 1, 2018
Sept 1, 2018
Water and Electric
Water, Electric
and Sewer

Rates include family of 2 adults & 2 children (over 4 & under 18 yrs. unmarried)
Seasonal late payment fees $25 monthly.
See fee chart for add on rates or call Skybrook




Additional Costs/ Convenience Fee Schedule:

Rustic Cabin Rental - starts at /per night (call for additional information)
Trailer Rental - starts at/ per night (call for additional information)
Day guest fee adult or child (exit campground by 11PM)
Overnight guest (inside your camper or tent) Adult or Child over 8 years old
Overnight guest (inside your camper or tent) Child 4-8 years old
Each extra tent per night on same site
Site Clean up fee - if not left clean
Camper moving fee within campground
Extra family member (seasonal) per adult
Extra family member (seasonal) per child (18 and under / unmarried)
Seasonal late fee if paid after May 1st (monthly fee)
Golf Cart Usage Permit - annual with proof of insurance
Air Conditioning daily electricity fee (pre-pay). A/C not available in all areas or at all times. Ask prior to site assignment. No A/C on holiday weekends.
Live-in fee payable monthly:
(Applies to those that stay here more than 15 days a month)
Per individual $20
Per Family $40
Dump Station Use Fee.....(for non campers)   
Weekly Pump Out (Sign up and pre pay by Sunday weekly)
Seasonal Pump Out Fee (Sign up by Sunday) 
Pump repair fee- if your camper breaks sewer  pump
Storage area fee (monthly) short term-unsecured
Winterize camper fee
Site cancelation fee


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