Skybrook Campground

by camping you agree to follow these rules, for your safety and the safety of others


  • Any seasonal campsite will take priority over a weekend site, unless within 14 days of a Holiday weekend. We try to notify you.
  • There will be a fee applied to all reservation cancellations as listed.
  • All Holiday Reservations cancellations require a two week notice prior to arrival to receive ANY type of refund! See price list for cancellations.
  • NO subleasing or renting of camper or campsite.
  • ALL rates are based on two adults and two children (18 years and under.)
  • Maximum of 6 people allowed per campsite & all must register upon arrival.
  • NO solicitation allowed in campground.
  • Check Out time is 1:00 PM unless re-register or pay late check out fee.
  • NO firearms or fireworks at anytime.

Camping and Visitors:

  • QUIET HOURS: 11:00 PM UNTIL 8:00 AM ~ No loud noise or music. Be courteous to others. ~ ENFORCED!
  • NO minors under the age of 21 will be allowed to camp or in campground with out a parent or chaperone. No exceptions!
  • Turn OFF all outside and patio lights by 11PM nightly and when leaving.
  • All campers are responsible to see their guest pay upon arrival all fee’s to visit or spend the night.  All tents and guests must be registered.
  • All day guests must leave the campground by 11PM or have registered before 9 PM to spend the night.
  • Parents are responsible for the safety & whereabouts’ of their children & guests at all times. Accompany small children to rest room.
  • 11:00 PM CURFEW for all 18 & under to be at own campsite, unless accompanied by parent! NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Only Friendly pets allowed on a leash & under your control.   No barking.
  • NO clothes lines allowed after dusk for the safety of the children.

Power and Water Usage

  • No use of electric heaters, electric water heaters, freezers, elec. golf carts, washers or dryers, etc.
  •  See office on air condition usage.
  • No outside refrigerators allowed.
  • Only one refrigerator allowed per campsite.
  • No use of kiddie pools, slip-n-slides, sprinklers or fresh water abuse, as it strains our water supply.
  • Do NOT wash vehicles or trailers at sites.
  • Do Not wash dishes or clothes in rest rooms.
  • Do not flush kotex in toilets.
  • Do not use the woods for toilet purpose or leave toilet paper about. Be courteous.

Camp Sites and Campfires

  • Do Not cut or maim living trees or plants.
  • Must obtain permission to remove dead wood. None may leave premises.
  • DO NOT MOVE FIRE RINGS  AROUND ON SITES. It kills the grass.
  • Do not bring wooden pallets or long slab wood into campground. NO exceptions!
  • No unattended fires allowed. Burn only in fire rings!
  • Do not work on vehicles or run power tools at campsites. Be courteous!
  • You must leave your site clean or pay the site clean up fee.

Trash and Dumping

  • We have had bears in the garbage dumpsters. In an effort to prevent this, ALL garbage must be placed in the dumpster BEFORE 9 PM nightly.
  • Dumpsters will be locked from 9 PM until 9 AM. Dispose of all trash by 9 PM.
  • We can no longer allow humming or seed bird feeders left out at night.
  • Place all food and drinks in your camper or car nightly. Do NOT keep food in tents.
  • NO dumping of portable toilets in rest rooms. Use Dump Stations.

Pool and Fish Pond

  • Catch and Release ALL FISH. Only allowed to fish in front FISH POND.
  • Read and obey ALL RULE’S of  Pool & Boats as listed or posted!
  • ALL pool users MUST sign release form & get pool pass in office in order to go into fence or use pool !
  • Life Guard NOT always provided!
  • You must be 18 years of age to supervise others or swim during adult swim.
  • No Children under 18 or babies allowed in pool area during adult swim.
  • You may not swim in any ponds as it is against New York State health rules.
  • No Children will be allowed in boats or on ponds without a parent or chaperone over 18 years of age.  You MUST wear a life jacket in boats!
  • Never use boats alone. Obey all boat rules. Use at own risk!

Driving in Campgrounds (This includes cars, motorcycles, golf carts, bikes, etc)

  • All Motorcycles, bicycle, scooter & moped operators must wear safety helmets.
  • NO driving in campground without a valid drivers license.
  • No minors to drive without permit & parents.
  • ALL golf carts must stay on gravel roads at 5 MPH. NO minors allowed to drive and NO short cuts through fields. Keep off grass.
  • Golf Carts must carry own insurance, be gas operated & owner must fill out forms in office & have valid driver license.
  • All children 14 & under must abide by NY State law & wear a bike helmet.
  • All bikes must be off roads by dusk for your safety.
  • NO JOY RIDING or boom boxes in auto’s. Drive to & from sites only.
  • NO 3 or 4 WHEELERS, ATV’S, dirt bikes or all terrain vehicles allowed in.
  • Do Not cut through other campsites either by foot, bike or golf carts!
  • Do Not drive any on grass either by vehicles or golf carts.
  • Golf Carts must carry insurance and purchase a seasonal sticker in the office.
  • Stay on roadway, for the safety of the children & others. NO SHORT CUTS! Keep off grass!


The owners, officers, directors, employees or people volunteering at Skybrook Campground Inc will NOT be responsible for any damages or loss of any kind, to personal property, money, injuries, or loss by accident, theft, or fire to either property or person of any registered camper, visitor or guest of any kind. All items left on site upon final vacating of campground will be considered abandoned and disposed of as we see fit.

Please OBEY all rules as posted. Seasonal campers see additional list in office.

We hope you have a safe and great camping experience here!


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